Tuesday Tunes: Hozier


This is the part (post?) where I admit that for the past week and half I have been listening to the same album non-stop and I have zero shame about it. Every once in a while an artist/album come through that I just cannot get enough of. In the last few years this has included the likes of The Civil Wars, Mumford & Sons, The Avett Brothers and Lorde (one is not like the others...). The past few months (yeah, months) it's been Lorde. Her album is one of the most played on my iTunes libraries and I wish I could say this shames me but it doesn't (the girl is good). However, I was getting that … [Continue reading]

Halloween Tulle Wreath

halloween tulle wreath

Happy October 1, friends! I love October and all it signifies - fall, leaves changing colors, Halloween, cozy fuzzy socks and hot tea. Never mind that it's supposed to be 85 degrees today. I refuse to let El Paso and it's craptastic never-ending summer weather take away my joy. The very first thing I did this morning, before I even have breakfast was hang our new Halloween tulle wreath! You might remember my Halloween wreath from last year. The wreath that started all this wreath … [Continue reading]

Link Love – Banned Books Week Edition

"Censorship is the child of fear and the father of ignorance" - Laurie Halse Anderson (Author of Speak) A lot of you were surprised about that banning books and challenging books still happens so I thought this would be a good article to share - just this week, a school district in Texas removed 7 books from their curriculum after parents complained about high school students reading them. Additionally, this week a school district in California voted to remove all copies of John Green's The Fault in Our Stars from its middle school library. Related: An old but goodie - John Green: "I … [Continue reading]

Banned Books Week 2014

banned books week

Welcome to Banned Books Week! Every year the last week of September is dedicated to raising awareness about Banned Books in the US, and this year it runs from September 21 to September 27. I'll be honest, the first time I heard about Banned Books Week, I was taken back a little. Banned books? In the US? Isn't there freedom of expression and all that good stuff? And yet. Between 2000 and 2009, 5,099 challenges were reported to the American Library Association's Office for Intellectual Freedom. 5,099 attempts at banning books all over the US - and that's only the ones reported. The … [Continue reading]

And we’re having…


Today we had our 19 week ultrasound - we thought it was 20 weeks but after careful measurement, I'm actually 19 weeks. Which saved you all from my Bon Jovi reference of being "half way there". You're welcome. The big news of the day is of course, what we're having... we're having... a boy! Lance may or may not have done a touchdown dance in the room when the ultrasound tech told/show us. (ok, he didn't really do a touchdown dance, but he wanted to). We then proceeded to go to the store and buy baby onesies that say things like "Captain Adorable" and have bears on them. Because, of … [Continue reading]

Bumpdate: 14-18 Weeks


Monday I had my 18-week appointment so this seemed like a good week to give a quick bumpdate! Maybe I'll stick to doing these once a month? We'll see! I kind of wish I had more pictures of the bump progress but I'm reaaaally bad at taking them so these are the two I have haha Cravings: Everything and anything from my childhood. I've noticed this pattern where the grand majority of things I'm craving are things I used to eat all the time as a little girl in Chile. Even the ones from first trimester - iceberg lettuce? it was my grandpa's favorite and therefore what my grandma used for salads. … [Continue reading]

How to backup your blog

how to backup blog

Let's just lay out there right now: You need to backup your blog. No ifs or buts about it. Back that blog up, yo. We all know we need to backup our computers but we never really think about backing up our blogs. We're all "It's in the internet and the internet is forever". Yes. And no. Whether you're on Blogger or Wordpress, your blog can disappear rather easily. If you're on Blogger, Google can actually just delete your entire blog with no notice or completely block your access to your blog. Say what, now? Yup. This post from a fellow blog designer talks a little bit about it, it's … [Continue reading]