Optimize Images for SEO

Optimizing Images for SEO

Oh, SEO. You tricky devil you. Chances are if you're a blogger trying to get more page views and/or monetizing your blog, you've heard about SEO - or Search Engine Optimization - and how awesome it is. As the name suggest it's all about getting that Google juice and making it easy for people to find you on search engines. There's lot of articles on optimizing blog posts but today I thought I'd talk about how you can optimize images for SEO, specifically. Quick Background In order to make sense of some of the SEO rules there's one key thing you need to know first. When Google's (and Bing's … [Continue reading]

Flashback Friday [6]

flashback friday

Hi everyone! It's that time again - time for Flashback Friday! Make sure to link up those oldie but goodie posts below and check out the awesome posts other bloggers share! Your hosts: Fran - Freeborboleta Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest Poekitten - Many Waters Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest Moira - McDancing Through Life Twitter | Pinterest | BlogLovin Jane - Poppiness Facebook | Twitter | BlogLovin <div align="center"><a href="http://www.freeborboleta.com/category/link-up/flashback-friday/" title="Flashback Friday"><img … [Continue reading]

Currently Reading

Currently Reading - YA

So you know how I usually complain about not having enough time to read 'for fun' because of my grad courses? Well, that still holds true... sort of. I have CRAZY amount of readings to do this quarter but I'm taking a Young Adults Materials class so a lot of what I'm reading falls under the YA Genre, which is one of my favorites to read. Over the next 7 or so weeks I'll be reading anywhere between 1-3 weeks per week, which is kind of crazy, considering all the readings I have to do for my other classes and the papers I have to write but I get to read a lot of fun books so I thought I'd share … [Continue reading]

Latest Blog Designs – March 2014

latest blog designs - as it seems

I feel like maybe I say this every month, but this month I honestly got to work with some of the best bloggers! Oh the blog designs they let me create this month, they made my heart so happy! I can't wait to add these to my portfolio! BeeBee Belly Jen is a part-time soldier and fellow mil-spouse currently living in Hawaii (can you say 'jealous'?!) so she wanted something that had that Hawaii feel to it. I tried to accomplish that by the colors we used and by adding touches of hibiscus in the header. I love how this blog turned out, it feels so clean and refreshing! As It … [Continue reading]

A Humble Request

Hi friends, tonight's post is something I never, ever do but one thing I love about blogging is the community - the support and love that it offers. Today I'm asking for the love and support for friends of mine. On Thursday April 10, Charlie Sawyer Behrndt was born at 1:29am. Charlie is the son of Michael and Lexi Behrndt, and little brother to Lincoln. I went to high school with Mike and his sister, Dani. Charlie was born with an undiagnosed congenital heart defect called Obstructed Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return. He was born in Battle Creek, MI and then transferred to Bronson … [Continue reading]

Crispy Chicken BLT Sandwich – A #FreshTake on a classic

Crispy Chicken BLT - FreshTake

Apparently this week I'm all about food but GUYS. I have not been this excited about sharing a recipe in... ever. Nope, I have NEVER been so excited about a recipe. These Crispy Chicken BLT sandwiches were so easy, so delicious! My mouth is watering just thinking about them. So let me set the stage. Last week Lance was gone for training making it was just my mom and I for dinner so I decided to wing it and not meal plan. I was grocery shopping at Walmart, stocking up on my cheese because hello... cheese, when I see them, Kraft's Fresh Take dinner helpers - cheese and bread crumbs?! Is this … [Continue reading]

Zino’s Greek & Mediterranean / El Paso

Zino's Greek & Mediterranean - El Paso

Let me just put it out there. If you ever found yourself in El Paso, forget about getting Mexican Food, you NEED to eat Greek Food. Wait, what? Listen. There's something like 1,207 other cites in Texas where you can get awesome the Mexican food the borderland is known for, but none of those cities - NONE OF THEM - will have Zino's and you cannot not eat in this place. Two weekends ago, Lance and I were trying to decide on a place to go eat for date night. I'm kind of tired of always eating at the same places - Applebee's, Chili's, etc - so I wanted something different. Problem was we … [Continue reading]

Flashback Friday [5]

flashback friday

Woo! It's time for another Flashback Friday! If you're new around here (or maybe have missed the previous posts), Flashback Friday is by-weekly link up where you can share some of those posts you worked so hard on but are now sitting, forgotten in your archives. There's some always some great posts, but there two that really stood out to me. The first was Jessica Lynn's recap of the Carnevale in Venice, Italy - I love living vicariously through other bloggers! The second posts was Moira's Keeping it Real, probably because I have a similar post currently sitting in my drafts! Now dust … [Continue reading]

The Blog Advice I Refuse to Follow

blog advise - The one I refuse to follow

So lately (as in the last 6ish months) I've been putting some work into growing this little blog of mine and it's paid off nicely. Part of growing my blog has involved reading lots of the good ol' blog advice and generally reading a lot about blogging. One thing I've notice is that a lot of the posts and articles with tips and advice always, always bring up this one advice - "Find your niche". However, in all this blog growing, that's the one blog advice I refuse to follow. Search Engine Optimization? Done. (Re)Learn your dSLR and take better blog pictures? Done. Blog Planning / Editorial … [Continue reading]

Homemade Dog Treats


I think it's a pretty well known fact around these parts that we adore our dogs in this house. They're our children and don't you tell me dogs are nothing like children because they are. They ask for cuddles when sick or scared. They love their toys. They depend on you to provide them with food, shelter and comfort. At some point you'll pick up their bodily fluids. Sometimes 2 or 3 times in one day... But let's not harp on that. Did I mention the cuddles?! Oh, doggy cuddles cure cancer, you guys. But this weekend, oh this weekend I reached a whole new level of crazy dog lady! (And yes, … [Continue reading]

Tea Organizer

tea organizer -bigelow tea

So I think it's pretty well known fact I love my coffee but what might not be as well known is that I am a huge tea drinker. It's a family affair, really. My grandma loved tea, my mom loves tea, I love tea. Hot, cold, black, green, chai, lots of sugar, maybe some milk. It honestly all depends on my mood but when it comes down to it, I drink more tea than I drink coffee. The only issue with this is that I've become small tea hoader. And by "small" I mean, big time tea hoader. And let's just say our tea hoarding has gotten out of control. We had the majority of our tea in this little plastic … [Continue reading]

Favorite Books

favorite book - sue

Books are my favorite thing in the whole wide world and I'm fairly certain this is no secret around here. I've talked about my favorite books before so instead today I gathered some of my favorite gals and asked them what their favorite books are! Check them out below! I don't have a single favorite book ever. I can't choose just one! An always favorite for me is Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. It's the story of Hannah and the reasons why she decided to take her own life. Clay listens to the audio tapes that Hannah recorded before she died that give the details leading up to her … [Continue reading]