A Christmas Wishlist


So, I wasn't going to do one of these this year but... here we are. It actually took me a while to think of what I'd include in it because truth be told, there isn't a lot I want and what I do really want just seems overly expensive, especially with a baby on the way. But my mom has been harassing me about this so here you go, mom :P New Purse: I'm in serious need of a new purse. I've had mine for about 3-4 years now and I feel like it's time for an upgrade. Plus, how gorgeous is this Kate Spade crossbody bag? New dSLR: Another upgrade - and something I really, really - a new … [Continue reading]

Art Prints, Notepads, and Mugs, oh my!

funny notepads to do list

Oh, friends! November has been a bit of a crazy month over at my Etsy shop. I've been slowly but surely getting ready for the holiday season. This year that included adding new products - I love doing art prints but I felt like it was time to start branching out a little and I've been wanting to try my hand at designing new products for a while. First things first, I added coffee mugs. If there's one thing I've seriously missed during this pregnancy is caffeine. I'm salivating just thinking of peppermint mochas, but I digress... I figured instead of continuously day dreaming about things I … [Continue reading]

Latest Designs


Oh man, it's been a loooong time since I shared some of the latest designs I've done - maybe since before I got pregnant? Yikes. So I figured it was probably time to fix that - here are a few of the designs I've worked on in the last 30+ weeks, hah! Birch Juice This was the second time I got to work with Kasi from Birch Juice and the second time was just as great as the first. Our styles just work really well together and I loved creating this fun and clean design. Lisa Swallow This year I've gotten to work with a lot of book bloggers and authors. Lisa Swallow is an … [Continue reading]

30 Weeks


[this is kind of late, 30 weeks was technically Tuesday but oh well ;)] In danger of being "that person" but... seriously, how is it 30 weeks already? I can count with on my hands how many weeks I have left in this pregnancy and that just doesn't feel right. I'm not ready, but I am. Just the other day I thought "man, it'd be nice not to have this belly so I could fit in tight spots again" BUT bake away baby, bake away! I can deal with 10 more weeks (maybe). Cravings: Mango Smoothie. Totally random but the other day I may or may not have forced Lance to drive with me to McDonald's so I … [Continue reading]

A Beary Baby Shower


As I mentioned on my last post the big thing that happened during our trip to Michigan was a surprise baby shower! The whole thing was kicked off my husband and then organized by some very sweet friends. It was everything I could've asked for - chill, with good friends and some awesome food. I mean, I got Panda cookies and a Winnie the Pooh cake (I may or may not still have a Winnie the Pooh stuffed bear from back in the day and his name may or may not be Mr. Pooh). So really, could I ask for more? Oh! And no obnoxious games... there were games, but they were actually fun ones (no diaper … [Continue reading]

On Dogs


I was going to write about this in the post about our trip to Michigan, since it's all about stuff that happened during our trip to Michigan but I decided this needed its very own post. Let's talk about dogs for one quick minute. And how freakishly smart they are. Picture this. Road trip across the midland of the US with two dogs. We're crazy, right? But the thing is, Pudge and Panda actually behave rather well in road trips. They tend to do a lot of napping and staring out the window, only getting antsy when they need to [a] eat/drink or [b] "take care of business". So we're … [Continue reading]

Mitten Visit

Panda, anxious to get us to Michigan

And somehow I let a whole month go by without posting... but I have a good excuse! Lance and I took the most glorious of trips up to the Mitten, aka Michigan, with Pudge and Panda. It was the absolute best. The grass! The trees! The cold weather! Oh, the cold weather. You guys have no idea how many outfit possibilities this opened up for me, even in my holy-crap-this-belly-is-big pregnant situation - just by the cheer addition of sweaters onto the realm of acceptable clothes my "clothes that fit" doubled. DOUBLED. I don't think I've had as much picking out an outfit as that first day in … [Continue reading]