Five Years


Five years ago we walked down the aisle. Four years ago we were settling into our life in Washington state. Three years ago we were getting ready for a deployment. Two years ago we were getting to uproot and more to El Paso. One year ago we were in Vegas completely unaware of just how much our lives were about to change.This last year of our marriage has definitely been the craziest - Vegas! Pregnancy! A real actual baby! Long nights! But I'm so glad it's you I have by my side during this wild ride. … Continue reading

Get Free eBooks For Your Kindle

free kindle books

Consider today my gift to you. In the form of eBooks - free ebooks! - for your kindle.Did you know, you can borrow books for your Kindle FOR FREE from your local library?! YUP!Hold on to your pantaloons, I'll tell you how.Turns out that there are over 11,000 libraries around the United States that allow you to borrow eBooks and have them delivered directly to your Kindle FOR FREE. Just like you would any ol' book from the library's stacks. I KNOW.(Ok, I can just hear someone saying. "Fran, they're not really free. We pay taxes you know. *shakes finger*" Yes, I know and … Continue reading

Setting Up Rich Pins – A WordPress & Blogger Tutorial

Rich Pins Tutorial for Wordpress and Blogger - Blogspot

This has been a hot topic in my inbox as of late - rich pins! So today I'm sharing how to set them up for both WordPress and Blogger [Blogspot] so you can get that rich pin awesomeness flowing for your blog - but! if even after reading this, you're not comfortable with setting them up yourself, send me a message and I'll be happy to help you out!What are rich pins? From Pinterest themselves - Rich Pins are Pins that include extra information right on the Pin itself. There are 6 types of Rich Pins: app, movie, recipe, article, product and place.Doesn't really explain much, does it? … Continue reading

Movie Night Dessert: S’mores Dip

S'mores Dip - easy, quick scores dip recipe

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #LetsMakeSmores #CollectiveBias #sponsoredOnce upon a time I was a 20-something girl that had never been camping. Yup, well into my 20's and I hadn't been camping. My husband called foul and took me camping - I won't lie, there were mixed reviews but if there was one thing I loved about camping was the food. Burgers! Hot dogs! S'mores! Bring it on, baby. I could totally do this camping thing - and we have. Lots. But now that we have Joey our camping prospects this summer seem... … Continue reading

Favorite Baby Products 0-4 Months

Favorite Baby Products 0-4 months newborn

When I roughly 5 months pregnant, we decided to do a baby registry after all - except I had no idea what to add, what we'll need, etc. I know there's a gazillion of these guides out there but nevertheless, I thought I'd share with you all our favorite baby products thus far - 0-4 months, the ones that have saved our sanities and helped our little guy grow and thrive!Dr. Brown's Bottles When Joey was in the NICU that first week after birth, we started him on formula and since then have gone 100% formula. These bottles are the best bottles we've tried. They were recommended to us by the … Continue reading

Media Kits 101


Media kits are one of those big, important things within the blogging world. BUT I've found not all bloggers can tell you what a media kit is, much less why you need one - They just know that well, you do need one. So, today we'll tackle media kits - what is a media kit + why you need one, what to include in one, plus some inspiration!What is a media kit and do I need one? The short and sweet: A media kit is a document you can give potential sponsors and advertisers so they can get to know you and your blog, it can be anywhere from one page to multiple pages long - I've seen some as long … Continue reading

Joey – 4 Months Update


Nicknames: I didn't include this point in the last couple of updates because the nicknames had stayed pretty much the same as the ones I listed in his 1 Month update but we new nicknames! What started as JoJo-Ro has morphed into JoJo Roowski. As well as "Pewtuski". Don't ask, ha!Likes: Still loving on the baby gym, though the Lady Bug seems to be replacing Gary the Elephant as the favorite hang-y toy. Monkey (with a blanket) has become a favorite non-hang-y toy. Also loving on the Pandora Disney station! Dislikes: Falling asleep... But seriously. Kid will be as tired as can be and … Continue reading