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Why you need to stop using google images and 4 alternative resources

The ever-present blogging headache: images for blog posts. I remember when I first started blogging some 4 years ago, we all would just... hit up Google for images. Yup, hit up Google Images, do a quick search and slap an image onto a blog post. Sometimes with a quick "source: Google Images" link or sometimes not. And then the horror stories started rolling in. Why You Should Stop Using Google Images This seems to be widely known, but the thing is? I still come across bloggers pulling images from Google Images without really knowing about the possible consequences. And boy, are … Continue reading

What I’ve Learned After 500 Etsy Order

etsy tips

Last month was a big month for my Etsy shop - I sold my 500th Etsy order. Honestly, a milestone I never thought I'd reach when I open my shop a couple of years ago. It's been a fun but sometimes stressful ride so today I thought I'd share some of the things I've learned along the way. Own it If you don't take your own business seriously, no one else will. Be proud of this little business adventure, however big or small, and own it. Tell the whole world about it. Admittedly, this is something I'm still working on, I was nervous to share about my shop with friends - embarrassed, even - but … Continue reading

Joey – 3 Months


A quarter of year! Whole three months! That's how long this little guy has been on this here green Earth - it's all sort of wild and crazy and amazing to see him grow. I love that I get to see him grow and discover the world around him and to be his mom - yes, I love it, even on "No Nap Sunday" (NOT that he would EVER do that, oh no, of course he took ALL of his naps this past Sunday *side eye*). Anyhoo... How did this happen? How is he 3 months old?! I'll never know! But here is his 3 months update! Likes: More like LOVE your baby gym. Boy do you love this thing. Over the last couple … Continue reading

Book Chat: Currently Reading


Rejoice blogging world! THE BOOK CHAT IS BACK! Jessica tagged me a tweet asking if we'd want Book Chat back and I'm like "GIRL. How is this even a question?" So let's party like rockstars and chat about books every Thursday, yes? Good. This week's topic? Currently Reading. When I first saw the prompt for today's post, all I could think "Aw, shit". You see, last year I didn't only meet my reading goal, I surpassed it. This year? I'll be lucky to read 1/4 of the books I read last year. (aka, I was waaaay optimistic when I set this year's goal to the same as last year. HELLO. Babies take up … Continue reading

Four Things


So this past week plus, it has been a struggle to blog. I have ideas but the time! oh the time just isn't there but yesterday when I saw Jess publish this fun little post, I just had to do it. It's quick and super fun - it's always fun getting to know people better, amiright? 4 names people like to call you other than your real name: 1. Fran (this is actually a nickname for my middle name. boom.) 2. Franci (my mom) 3. Babe (go ahead and gag but yes, Lance and I still call each other "Babe". DEAL.) 4. Mama Bear 4 jobs you’ve had: 1. Movie Theater Cashier 2. Library Student Assistant … Continue reading

Joey’s Birth Announcement


I've been waiting to share these for a hot minute but I was waiting until after I mailed them out. It only took me 10 weeks but I finally, FINALLY, got these out last week! Woop, woop! I debated not doing these at all - as in, I wasn't even sure people did these anymore. But then someone pointed out all the photo sites like Minted and Shutterfly are filled with them so people must still do them, right? Plus, I'm a sucker for cute pictures and snail mail. There was no getting around them. I was going to be super good and send them out before his 2 months buuuut then RSV + 9 Nights at the ICU … Continue reading

Bone Shaped Dog Placemat

bone shaped dog placemat

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone and the starting story is really a true story. #ProPlanPet #CollectiveBias True Story: Once a upon a time a family with two samoyed dogs, Pudge and Panda Bear, moved states - from WA to TX. Shortly after the move, Panda started puking - every. single. night. It was a loooong week. Their parents didn't know what was happening - is she allergic to Texas?! (Possible). And then, it occurred to them. They had switched dog foods in the hustle of the move. THE WORST. Hurriedly, they looked … Continue reading