Joey’s Newborn Pictures


So. Funny story - remember how Joey was born basically a whole month before his due date? And I had a bunch of things I still wanted to do because hey! I still had a whole month to go? Yeah, well booking a photographer to do his newborn pictures was one of those things. BUT. Instead of getting all stressed out - because let's face it, I had enough things to be stressed out about - I decided to take some pictures myself. Part of it was, we didn't know how long he'd stay in the hospital, part of it was photographers are all "you need to book us AT LEAST a month in advance" but I already … [Continue reading]

Joey – 1 month


Someone hold me... I have a 1 month old. Part of me feels like it's been way longer than a month (probably from lack of sleep) but at the same time I feel like "no way, he can't be 1 month old already. Make time stop!" Either way, time doesn't care and this kid is one month old and next thing I know he'll be 1 year old and just aaaahhh! I want to remember all the little things so you'll have to endure monthly updates that'll eventually make it into Joey's baby book. Sorry not sorry. Nicknames: Joey, Jo-Jo, Jo-Jo-Roo, Joey Bear. Likes: Music! Sometimes when you're really fuzzy … [Continue reading]

Snow Day – in El Paso!

el paso snow january 2015

YOU GUYS. I got my wish! I think it's pretty well known around these parts that if there's one thing (among many) that I dislike about El Paso is its lack of (fall and) winter weather. Sorry not sorry I need cold weather and El Paso's 9-10 months of summer kill my soul slowly - especially because summer here equals 100+ degree weather. But I disgress! Last week we got a January miracle. It's almost like a Christmas miracle but in January. The point is - We got snow and it was glorious! I mentioned in Joey's birth story that there was snow falling that day but it was really more … [Continue reading]

Joey’s Birth Story

birth story

I wish I could promise you this will be the single most interesting birth story you'll ever read or that it's going to be short and sweet but I'd be lying. I will promise you'll get to read the whole thing at once - No 3-posts series from me. So if you're up for it, grab your coffee/tea/wine, kick back your feet and let me tell you the story of how Joseph Luis entered this world. Joseph Luis was born on Friday, January 2 but it all really started on Monday, December 29 as I went in for my regular 36 weeks appointment. I was feeling peachy, except for those dang swollen hands and feet - and … [Continue reading]

Pudge, Panda and Joey


When we first found out I was pregnant, this was one of the first things on our minds: How would Pudge and Panda react and behave around the baby? We had various theories - Pudge might be overprotective, as he had been with me throughout the pregnancy. Or maybe he would be grumpy about the crying? Panda might be the jealous middle child or maybe her maternal instincts would kick in? Well, we have our answers. Pudge is most definitely the overprotective big brother and every single last ounce of maternal instinct has kicked in for Panda. They both love and adore Joey and won't let … [Continue reading]

Meet Joseph Luis


I'm really behind posting this on the blog but the last 10 days have been a whirlwind (holy crap, has it really been 10 days already?!) BUT. Meet Joseph Luis! On Friday January 2 (25 days before his due date) at 5:22pm this little guy joined our family via emergency c-section. He measured 17 1/4 inches and weighted 4lbs 3oz. Because of his size and other minor complications, he spent the first 6 days of his life in the Special Care Nursery but he's home and doing well and that's all that matters. For those interested in his birth story, it's coming. But I'm stuck at the point … [Continue reading]

The Best Reads of 2014


2014 was a good year for reading. I started off slow but I somehow managed to actually finish my GoodReads reading challenge of 40 books - and actually surpassed it! So I thought I'd do a little recap of the best reads of 2014. Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand - GoodReads | Amazon By far one of the best books I read this year. I'm not usually a lover of non-fiction books but this story is so incredible and so well told, it's simply a must (full review here - and I can't wait to go see the movie!) A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini - GoodReads | Amazon I'm way behind on … [Continue reading]