Summertime Blues

summer blues

I think we've all heard of the winter blues... you know in March when you're done with the snow and cold and all you want is a peek of the sun? I think I'm having that but opposite - summertime blues. I am done with summer. DONE. Give me overcast days, cold air and frost on the ground, cardigans, boots and a hot cup of tea. I know there's gotta be someone out there thinking, "Fran. You're crazy". And maybe I am. But living in El Paso is sucking the happy out of my soul with every day that has temperatures over 90. We turned our AC in February or March for pete's sake. That's a … [Continue reading]

Life Lately


41 days. That's how long it's been since I last blogged and I'm not entirely sure how it even happened. It just did. I don't really believe in apologizing from stepping away from one's blog to you know... live life, but I also felt like I had to acknowledge that I kind of skimped out on my blog for over a month for no other reason that I just wasn't feeling it. But it's time. I mean, even my husband has been pestering me about not blogging. To the point where yesterday he turned to me and said in an honestly concerned voice — "Babe. You need to blog. People are going to start … [Continue reading]

Vegas, Baby!

Las Vegas - Caesar's Palace

Lance: "So, would you rather I got you a gift or take a trip somewhere?" Me: "I guess a trip, we already have more stuff than we need... where are you thinking?" Lance: *turns laptop around to show* Me: "DONE. WHY are you even asking me?! Book it!" And that's how we ended up going to Las Vegas for our 4-year anniversary. This is probably the single most spontaneous trip we've ever taken haha. We spent 4 nights there and it was crazy fun and crazy exhausting. I cannot remember a time my feet hurt as much as they did on our last day in the city. Our days consisted of a lot of … [Continue reading]

Fangirl Book Trailer

Fangirl book trailer

Guys!! I made a book trailer! For my YA Materials class we had to pick a book that we did a book talk on (yes, I also had to do a book talk yikes!) and I chose to do one on Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. It kind of sucks, but I don't care! So here's my Fangirl Book Trailer - and if you're interested here's the review I wrote on Fangirl a while back :) In other news, guess what?! We're going to Vegas! It's our anniversary tomorrow and we're going to Vegas! A few weeks ago, Lance and I were sitting on the couch. He was on his laptop when he turns to me and says "Ok, would you rather I … [Continue reading]

Flower Wreath – Tulips and Hydrangeas

Flower Wreath - Tulips & Hydrangeas

I tried guys. I really, really tried to make it through all of spring with just one wreath but it just wasn't going to happen. I keep seeing these beautiful tulip wreaths and it was taking everything in me not to make one AND THEN I went to Goodwill and saw a grapevine wreaths for TWO DOLLARS. I had to have it and then of course I had to make a flower wreath with it. Sorry, not sorry. The good news? It was super easy to make. Not seriously. Probably one of the easiest wreaths I made... and I've made a lot this year haha - here's what you'll need: Flower Wreath Materials - Grapevine … [Continue reading]

Local Eats: Crave El Paso TX

crave el paso, tx

After our experience at Zino's, we've been dying to try new places here in El Paso so when one of Lance's co-workers told him about Crave, we just had to try. And boy were we glad! One of the things I really loved about this place was the vibe - the whole thing reminded me of being in a cafe in Seattle. I honestly don't know how else to describe the vibe other than hipster-y but in a good way. It made me want to pull out my laptop, listen to Death Cab for Cuties while working on a paper - oh, the life! Bonus [and actually main] points, the food was delicious - and really filling. … [Continue reading]

Making School Fun

Making School Fun

Optional title: "I know I'm a Nerd and I'm Proud" I'll be the first to tell you how hard school is and how hard it can be. I majored in Philosophy and now I'm working on my Masters degree (in Library and Information Sciences) and boy... they both know how to kick my behind. Lots of paper writing, lots of reading, and then write a couple more papers just to be sure you really know what you're talking about. All of that can be really stressful and sometimes a bit boring - sorry Descartes but you ARE boring to read and Panizzi, no I don't want to read a 34-page letter on alphabetizing books (I … [Continue reading]

Chocolate Chip Scones

Chocolate Chip Scones #NewFavorites

First thing firsts - today is my mama's birthday! I know everyone says this, but seriously - My mama is the best. She's so awesome, she basically gets a whole week dedicated to her, first her birthday, then the Sunday immediately following, Mother's Day. Boom. Celebrate awesomeness. And this is, more or less, the reason for these scones being baked. I'm really horrible when it comes to baking cakes (and cupcakes! oh so bad) so I asked my mom what she'd like for her birthday and well, a while back I made these chocolate chip scones and she loved them, it's one of our #NewFavorites so she asked … [Continue reading]

Dream Travels

Dream Travels

If you could travel anywhere in the world - all expenses paid - where would you go? What do your dream travels include? That's what I asked a few of my favorite bloggers - read their answers below! Sue - As It Seems Oh it's cliche and cheesy but anywhere I go with my family is the best vacation ever! If I'm picking a destination I'd choose somewhere in Europe: France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal are all on my list! Connect with Sue! Facebook Twitter Instagram   Amanda - The B's If I had an all paid vacation I would go to Greece. It's always been my dream vacation … [Continue reading]

Summer Reading Challenge Preliminary List – #SCSBC14

Today marks the beginning of the Summer Reading Challenge by Megan from Semi-Charmed Kind of Life. I've only participated in a couple of the ones she's held - I'm usually just so busy with school! - and I've yet to finish one of the challenges. I'm determined to finish this one! Since I'm still very much in the school year and I'm taking a reading heavy class, I'll be combining some of my required reads into this reading challenge and today I'm sharing my preliminary list! If you'd like join the challenge, here are the general rules - + The challenge will run from May 1, 2014, to August … [Continue reading]

The Journey to Self-Love

favorite book - sue

Hi friends! Tonight I have an awesome giveaway lined-up for you! I've follow Sue's blog for a while but over the last few months I've gotten to know her a little better and she's the sweetest lady and so full of love and light. She's input all of that into a gorgeous eCourse dealing with self-love. We all struggle with loving ourselves from time to time and this eCourse is all about self-acceptance and loving ourselves. Sue is giving away a spot into this eCourse - how awesome is that?! Get to know Sue and her eCourse a little better below and then enter the giveaway! I'm Sue & I write … [Continue reading]

Fruit Popsicles

Fruit Popsicles

The thing about living in the southwest is that even though it's still April, the temperatures are already too dang hot - it's already been in the 90's. I can't walk outside without breaking into a sweat, which means I had to have spend seriously traumatic hours shopping for shorts yesterday but that's a tale for another day. Today's tale is all about these delicious fruit popsicles I made over the weekend. Lately, my MO has been all about homemade things. I like to think they're healthier than the store bought stuff - I really this isn't always true (or maybe it is but the amount of butter … [Continue reading]