[review] Anjolee Jewelry

What girl doesn’t love jewelry, right?
So I was super stoked when Anjolee Jewelry contacted me to do a review for them.
I went to their site and my mouth literally dropped.
Anjolee is the leading manufacturer and retailer of fine jewelry in the USA,
every single one of their products is absolutely gorgeous!
Among other things, they have diamond bracelets, diamond hoops and diamond engagement rings.
The best part is that you can customize every single one of them to your taste and budget, so no standard, one fits all piece of jewelry here ;]
Truth is they might make it a little too easy to customize their jewelry.
I may or may have spent a little too much time customizing one of their diamond necklaces, you know to match my wedding ring haha…
*wink Lance wink*
When you receive your jewelry, it comes in a beautiful wooden box, which I thought was a wonderful touch. All the other jewelry I’ve bought (including my wedding ring) came in one of those leathery boxes, and while those are nice, they have nothing on the wooden box this bracelet came in.
Super sturdy and you can tell it will last a lifetime!
I’m usually a little skeptical about shedding a lot of money online, but the customization options they give you and the exceptional quality of their products makes me feel a little bit better.
So, if you’re in the look out for a new jewelry piece, I would definitely recommend Anjolee.
I was obviously given a sample in silver with high quality c.’s, however all the opinions above are my own.
 I would not recommend you a product I did not honestly believe in and would consider buying myself. 


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