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Hey! Today I’m continuing with the blog design series. This post is once again not tutorial base, but tips based. A LOT of the comments in the last post brought up sidebar(s) – keep them uncluttered! how do you keep them uncluttered? – so I thought I’d touch on that today and share some blog sidebar tips. Just like with the last post though, remember these are suggestions and if something just works better for your blog, stick to that.

Make sure that your sidebar is big enough to house everything you want in there but not so big it takes over your blog, after all you want the focus on your content not the sidebar! It’s always a little disconcerting when the sidebar(s) are so wide they’re competing for attention with the content. I know ad networks generally require a certain width – usually 300px – so I’d recommend sticking to that and no wider.

When you first meet someone, what’s the first thing you do? You introduce yourself (Hopefully, anyways!). That’s the function of the about section in your sidebar, your introduction to new readers. It could be as simple as a photo of you (a must!) linking to your about page or it could also include a short paragraph introduction, like what I have.

After your readers are done reading your awesome content, what do you want them to do? Follow you so they come back for more, right? So make sure readers have a way to follow you! Don’t bury these little guys, put them towards the top and make them easy to find! Another thing to consider is social media feeds – things like Latest Tweets, Facebook Like Boxes, and Latest Instagrams and Pins. These can be great to encourage involvement however, they can clutter things up really fast so be selective about what you decide to include in your sidebar.

A never-ending list of categories gets distracting and overwhelming, leading your readers to ignore it. Think of this as a quick overview about what you blog is all about and keep the list down to the top 5 or so categories.

On that note. A never-ending list of your archives will also be distracting and overwhelming, especially if you’ve been blogging for a long time. Display the archive as a drop down list instead and couple it with a search bar so readers can easily find what they need/want.

One word – clutter. They’re nice and they make you feel all warm and fuzzy but unless they were given to you by a big name company, you’re better off putting them in a separate page like your about page.

One of the key things to making sure your sidebar stays and looks organized is to have good sidebar headers. Make sure your sidebar is broken up into sections and each section is labeled. That way, when readers are looking for something they can easily find it.

Last, but definitely not least – make sure there’s an order to things in your sidebar. Group like things, give those groups different priorities – ask yourself ‘what do I want my readers to do next?’ and organize your sidebar in that order. Introductions and social media links should be towards the top, so should navigation links (archives, categories, etc).

When trying to organize and declutter your sidebar – be ruthless. Ask yourself, ‘what do I really need there?’ and then get rid of the rest! Remember graphics can seriously slow down your site so keep those to a minimum.

Do you have any blog sidebar tips you’d add to the list?


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    these are such great tips!! i know it’s a huge turnoff to me when i see a crazy cluttery sidebar. and i didn’t know that about 300px!! i think mine is 200… woops!

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    These are such great tips – thank you! I’m conscious my sidebar is a bit cluttered, at the moment I’m figuring out blogging as I go along, so have just been adding stuff as and when – but this is inspiring me to get organised!

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    I currently have three columns to my blog. I can’t decide whether to pare it down to two or just neaten them both up and be happy that way. This post has given me lots to think about!

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    Great post!! I HATE over cluttered sidebars! Even over cluttered blogs for that matter. Too hard to read! I tend to leave immediately. I have a few things on mine but i think i will take a few more things off now after reading tjis post! Thanks again!!
    Adventure Family In Motion

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    Great tips, thank you. I’ve been experimenting with different ways to declutter my side bars, this came to me at the perfect time. The only thing is I prefer to not have my social networks prominently displayed because I don’t want people to leave my site and get distracted facebooking, tweeting, etc. So I have my networks at the bottom of each page and in the middle of my sidebar. I hope this helps to keep people around, but is also clear enough where they can follow me.

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      What goes first on your sidebar, is what you want first want your readers to see/do, I think as long as your sidebar is clearly labeled you’re good to go ;)

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    This is really good advice. Honestly I always click away from blogs that seem too cluttered to me. One thing I hate is when people have two sidebars, one on either side of their main content. That just gives me an instant headache!

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    Hey Fran – thanks for the tips. After a few years of having my blog on hold, I’m heading back. This was a great refresher for the revamp!


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