Life Lately – The Doctor Who Edition





I just realized I haven’t done one of these in a while so here’s to good ol’ life life-y updates. Be warned, there’s about to be a lot of Doctor Who talking below. You’ve been warned.

+ Lance came home early from work on Monday and brought with him A BRAND NEW DYSON. IN PURPLE. I’ve never been so excited to vacuum in my life. Apparently, Dysons are color coded or something so it’s not like Lance bought the purple Dyson because purple is my favorite color but rather he bought the “animal” Dyson since we have two big balls of fur and all animal Dysons are purple. But it’s perfect. Perfect.

+ Last week I started volunteering at one of the local libraries! No one is hiring around these parts so I figured volunteering would still be a good way to get some experience while working on my MLIS. So, every Tuesday and Wednesday I go for a couple of hours and help out with story time, which has been a lot of fun so far!

+ So when I’m not working or doing school work for my MLIS, I’ve been watching a lot of Doctor Who lately. I mean, A LOT. At first I was like “What is going on here? I don’t understand.” But now? I LOVE IT. I’m a Whovian. I blame my friend Meg (who gets an inordinate amount of text messages from me regarding Doctor Who) and Erinn.

+ A couple of weeks ago I got this HUGE urge to do some cross stitching. Which was really random considering the last time I did this was a good 10 years ago. But I got the urge so I scavenger through my mom’s room and found all the supplies needed and I did a little Doctor Who cross stitching, because I’m obsessed.

+ In related news, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get over the emotional damage I’ve suffered at the hand of the BBC. Between Sherlock, Downton, and now Doctor Who I might need a therapist.

+ SPEAKING OF EMOTIONAL DAMAGE. I’m about to watch the last two episodes of Season 4, aka the last two episodes with the 10th Doctor and I’m so scared/nervous. I’ve heard his regeneration is the saddest moment of preeettty much the entire series and considering I’m still not 100% over 9th Regeneration and Doomsday, this scares me.

+ Yesterday I got the happiest of mails ever! My pal Stephanie went to Mid-Winter ALA and I was a little really jealous because a) it’s the ALA and b) Rainbow Rowell was there! BUT she was awesome and get Rainbow to sign a copy of Eleanor & Park and I got it yesterday in the mail. And yesterday also happened to be E&P’s 1st birthday so that was awesome!

So that’s what has been going around these parts lately! Now excuse me while I go try to grow the cajones to watch these last two episodes with 10…


  1. says

    YOU NERD! I love the cross stitching!!

    Purple dyson=best dyson. We have one and love it EXCEPT for the hose. That thing is so f-ing awkward for stairs.

    Nothing will prepare you for the moments leading up to the regeneration. You might as well watch it and get it over with. Just know that you have a lot of crazy shit to look forward to for the 11th Doctor. Crrraazzyyyy shit.

    • says

      haha looks who’s talking! you got me into Doctor who!!

      I haven’t used the hose yet on the stairs… we’ll see how it goes!

      And let’s NOT EVEN TALK about 10th’s regeneration

  2. says

    I’m in love with my Dyson! Speaking of which…I really need to vacuum.

    I had to take a break from Doctor Who for awhile after the 10th’s regeneration. My husband powered through a couple episodes after that and realized he wasn’t ready for more so we haven’t watched for awhile. We’re never going to catch up at this rate.

    • says

      I just watched it over the weekend and I am SO not ready for new episodes. I might need to go back and watch some of my favorites before I start on 11th’s episodes.

  3. says

    Omg. I have some serious vacuum envy going on right now. My Costco budget vacuum really isn’t cutting it lately. I looove Dr Who but it took me a couple tries to get into it. But, now I am always a few seasons behind because of Netflix. Ahhhh the struggle is real!

  4. says

    We have the Purple Dyson and I LOVE it. It’s the best thing ever. We are so behind in our Doctor Who watching – but that’s because Paul and I want to watch it together. But our house is full of sickies right now so maybe we will get to watch an episode or two tonight :) Also LOVE the cross stitch, I’ve been itching to start cross-stitching again, I may just have to get some supplies :)

  5. Sarah says

    Yes. The 10th Doctor’s regeneration is really sad. I cried many tears. The first and second time I watched it, lol! We started watching Doctor Who this fall, and I am totally addicted. I love that cross stitch you did!!!

    Now I think I’m gonna have to watch some Doctor Who today. Haha;)

  6. says

    Great cross-stitching! And I really want to read Eleanor and Park.
    My husband grew up as a Whovian watching the 4th doctor episodes. So when I met him and he tried to explain it to me, I was LOST. Slowly over the years, I became a Whovian too. Forever.
    Happy Watching! I wish I could watch them all again for the first time. So many tears.
    And Sherlock too!

  7. Natalie says

    I haven’t done cross stitching in a long time! That would be fun to do during a TV marathon!

    I bet it’s exciting getting a new vacuum with two dogs in the house! Makes sense. :)

    • says

      I hadn’t either and it was so nice doing it again!

      Haha it is SUPER exciting getting a new vacuum with these two fur balls :)

  8. says

    I used to have that Dyson, and it was amazing. I miss it!

    And man, I wish you were at our library for storytimes! How amazing would that be?

  9. says

    I am so jealous of your vacuum! I have been begging my husband for a new one, but he said not until our current one doesn’t work anymore. I don’t care if it still works, it has duct tape all over it!!!

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