Happy Pi Day!

pi day pie

My Pi Day Pie!

Today is my favorite non-Holiday holiday of the year – read: I’m a nerd.

In case you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about. Today is Pi Day. You know that mathematical constant, the ratio between a circle’s circumference to its diameter? Good ol’ π? Or Pi… or 3.14159. Well today is March 14 or 3/14… or Pi Day, get it?! Bonus! It’s also Albert Einstein’s birthday.

This day was made for nerds.

And since I’m a nerd – AND PROUD – I celebrate today! I always forget to make a pie but not this year! This year I set a reminder on my phone and everything. And it worked. I made a pie for pi day and it’s fabulous. I have never been so excited for a pie in my life. Never, ever. A pi day pie!

So maybe now you’re thinking, shoot! I forgot to make a pie! Fear not, here’s a short list of ways in which you can celebrate this fabulous day!

Ways to Celebrate Pi Day

– Memorize Pi! I only ever remember up to the fifth decimal 3.14159 but I should work on remembering the next 5 decimals 26535, should’ve be so hard, right?

– Make a pie! there’s still time! Or buy a pie! Eat some pie, be fabulous!

– Have other Pi Snacks! Like PIzza or PIne nuts or PIneapple or PIneapple PIzza!

– Read a Pi Book: Some available options include Life of Pi and The Joy of Pi, or maybe read Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi to your kids!

– Visit a local museum. Lots of places are having some Pi fun today, for example the Seattle Children’s Museum is having some Pi Activities!

– Listen to this some Pi Music in my Pi Inspired playlist and (possibly) have a dance party with your friends. Bonus points for having Pi Snacks available at this Pi Dance Party and the DVD of Life of Pi for later viewing.

– And start preparations for next year, 3/14/15! The ultimate Pi Day.

Happy 3.1415926535 err… Pi Day!


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    Oh my goodness, how did I possibly miss PI day?! Tragic. But do you think it would still be okay to eat a pie this week? Because now it’s sounding delicious… :-)

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