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Hey hey! This last month I got to work with three of my favorite bloggers so that was super awesome! This month was all about Blogger blog designs and it was a lot of fun.

BUT before I jump into that, last week I changed the look of my own blog a tad. Nothing crazy, I just got tired of the pink/coral and I wanted to streamline things a little bit – it was all starting to feel really crowded for some reason so I made sure to change that and I’m loving it! But now for some of the latests blog designs

blogger blog design - it's the journey

It’s the Journey
I LOVED working on this design because I love Erinn from It’s the Journey but I kind of already talked at length about it before, so if you haven’t yet make sure to read that!

blogger blog design - The B's

The B’s
Amanda from The B’s is one of those bloggers that I’ve followed since the dawn of (my blogging) time. I cannot remember a time I wasn’t reading her blog so when she approached me about designing her blog, I was static! Amanda wants – something clean with pink and gold, and some anchors – were right up my alley and this came together in no time!

Blogger blog design - Many Waters

Many Waters
This one has been live all of 36 hrs, woop woop! My-OCD-self almost wishes I had worked with Poe from Many Waters the month before when I was working with all Seattle Bloggers but this grouping works just as well since this is one of those blogs I’ve been reading for.ever. and I actually got to meet her a couple of years ago so working with her was incredible!

Also! If you’d like to work with me, the queue is not open for April projects, so drop me a line!


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    This is a great post showcasing your designs. Outstanding. I first saw “It’s a journey” and made note of loving it, especially the cursive font you used. I am contemplating a re-work of my own site, would love to learn about how this would work ‘long distance’ etc. Visting via #SITSShare saturday linkup

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    Do you have any fixed for comments on Blogget? I feel ride for not replying to comments but it doesn’t really work well. I tried that Intense Debate if in but it just didn’t work well. I’d love any options for that. I love my design but I might be up for a few tweaks from time to time like adding a page for sidebar buttons and stuff.

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