Flower Wreath – Tulips and Hydrangeas

Flower Wreath - Tulips & Hydrangeas

I tried guys. I really, really tried to make it through all of spring with just one wreath but it just wasn’t going to happen. I keep seeing these beautiful tulip wreaths and it was taking everything in me not to make one AND THEN I went to Goodwill and saw a grapevine wreaths for TWO DOLLARS. I had to have it and then of course I had to make a flower wreath with it. Sorry, not sorry.

The good news? It was super easy to make. Not seriously. Probably one of the easiest wreaths I made… and I’ve made a lot this year haha – here’s what you’ll need:

Flower Wreath - Tulips & Hydrangeas

Flower Wreath Materials

– Grapevine Wreath
– Plastic Tulip & Hydrangea Bunches (I used 2 tulip bunches and 1 hydrangea bunch)
– Hot Glue & Floral Wire (optional)
– Wire Cutters

Flower Wreath - Tulips & Hydrangeas

Flower Wreath - Tulips & Hydrangeas

I started by cutting the flowers from the main bunch. I found the easiest way of doing this was to cut the plastic wrapping with scissors to expose the wire and then use my wire cutters but this might be because I had an itty bitty wire cutter that didn’t work very well to cut the plastic.

Then, starting from the top, I started to work the tulip stems through the grapevines. Realistically, I could just done this and been happy with it. However, it gets super crazy windy here in El Paso so I decided to secure each stem with some floral wire that I wrapped around the stem and the branches and/or added a little glue. But if you somewhere where it doesn’t get too windy in spring and summer you could do without this step.

For the hydrangeas, I just cut them from the main bunch, then added some glue to the stem and just sort of stuck them straight into the wreath and cut off the excess stem on the back of the wreath.

Flower Wreath - Tulips & Hydrangeas

Flower Wreath - Tulips & Hydrangeas

Flower Wreath - Tulips & Hydrangeas


It makes me so happy even just looking at the pictures. I don’t like to play favorite BUT this might be my favorite wreath that I’ve made or at the very least, tied with my Christmas Ornament Wreath.

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  1. Moira says

    Seriously, I need to catch up and make at least one wreath. I pinned all these fun crafts before we moved and I have just been a lazy butt when it comes to getting them done! My new goal is to make one wreath before you make another one ;-)

    • says

      Well, you are baking up a whole human being so you have a good excuse but I already have a wreath planned for the 4th of July (I’m crazy, I know) so you better get on this wreath making ;) haha

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